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cartoonbitches's Journal

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You are owned by cartoon characters. It's a twist on sites that let members own cartoon characters.
Cartoon Owned Btiches Community

This is based off the bemybitch community. But in this case you are owned by cartoon characters (no ANIME)ONLY. Also you have more power and also have power over a member if they partner with you. SPICY!


1a) In this community you are owned by the characters that you choose. You don't own them. So you'd write that "(insert name here) am the bitch of (insert cartoon characters name here)." Also you have to number your masters eg. I am a bitch of 1 (insert cartoon character here).

1b)In this community, you creat a character that will play you as the bitch. You can name her, describe her and everything. She can be human, demon, vampire, human with special abilities-magical (max3 abilities), elf, half-demon, and dwarves. But they're limits to how many members can be the following types of bitches.

There can only be ten vampires bitches

Only eight demon bitches

Only five bitches can be humans with special abilities

Humans are limitless. They can have karate skills and be gunslingers or whatever. But they can't have special powers or super ANYTHING!

Ony two elf bitches.

Six dwarf bitches.

Twelve half-demon bitches (they must be half demon, but the other half can be anything - elf, human, etc)

2)There are three types of bitches here (you and you have choose one when you join).

Faithful bitches- who will stay within the maximum of being owned by max 5 masters.

Cheating bitches- bitches who decide to cheat and get themselves owned by max 4 more masters(meaning max 9 in all for this type of bitch). Extra masters know (unless you decide to keep it secret from them) about the original five masters. But the original five don't know about them (not an option, you're cheating remember). Problems can start if they find out, so be careful and choose wisely!

MEGA CHEATING BITCHES- this type of BITCH can have up to 15 masters. But there's a twist. Original 5 still can't know about any other masters and the first four extras can know about the original masters. HOWEVER, beyond those four, each of those masters (between 10-15) do not know that they're being cheated on. Also the first extra three (beyond the first five) do not know about any masters beyond 1-8. So you're cheating on them too. This can be hard to do so be prepared if you choose to be this type of bitch.

3) Male or Female are free to join. But your first two (five for MEGA Cheating Bitches) masters have to be of the opposite sex of the member\bitch. After the first five, only one master can be of the same sex as the bitch(member) in the next four (6-9). After that (10 or more), only one master is REQUIRED to be of the opposite sex.

4) There must be drama at some point. It can't be all sunshine all the time. Be warned.

5) You can change up to two of your masters if you're a faithful bitch, four for cheating bitch and seven for mega-cheating bitch.

6) Have fun People. Let me know anything about the rules that you don't understand. Also you don't have to use an L-J cut if you don't want to or can't.

If you're confused. I'll explain. Leave a message!