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Finishing Work

Tuesday, 11:50 am at Lukina's Workplace

Lukina took another sip of her hot cocoa as she sat in the freezing air conditioned room. It didn't help either that she choose to wear a short full white outfit. She had on a sleeveless silk white blouse and a dull creamy satin skirt that barely stayed at her knees when she sat. She also had on a black leather band watch, a pair of golden knob earrings, two yellow bangles on each hand and white laceless sneakers.

The patient meanwhile sat a bit of a distance from her because of the hot cocoa. This patient; after being burned repeatedly by her deranged mother, developed a fear of heat and people in coats. The patient continued to stare into Lukina's red eyes with her own light blue ones.

"So you were able to finally touch a desk today that wasn't feezing cold, is that correct?" Lukina asked her formally as she looked at the clipboard with information on the patient, "Dr. Brainy said that you even admired the warmth for a moment," she added as she looked at the 17 yr. old teenager with unwavering eyes.

"Yes," the female patient said softly, "that warmth didn't try to hurt me," she said as her voice started to crack and she soon was crying.

Lukina sighed softly and closed her eyes. She knew that this would have to be dealt with by Dr. Raven. Her shift was almost over and she needed to leave.

"Dr. Raven will continue this talk okay," Lukina told the crying girl softly and she signaled to Dr. Raven and left the room.

Lukina walked briskly to her office and emptied the rest of the cocoa into the mini sink that was in the bathroom attatched to her office.

"Rough Morning?" someone asked at the door and Lukina turned to see Dr. Brainy Smurf leaning at the door coyly.

"I have to leave quickly Dr. Brainy," Lukina said with urgency, "Presto is coming at five past twelve," she said as she quickly slipped out of her clothes and went into the shower with a shower cap, you know how obssessed he is with punctuality," she reminded him, "you can leave me alone for a few seconds," she said coldly as she quickly showered.

"Remember Lukina" Dr. Brainy warned, "you're living in 2027 when men have ultimate power over the world," he reminded her, "we are not obligated to listen to women and they have no rights unless they're highly educated like you," he told her revealing his knowledge, "i could come in there if i wanted and no trade union could touch me," he said knowledgibly.

"Presto could," Lukina threw at him in annoyance and Dr. Brainy laughed.

"Presto couldn't touch the surface of reality much less me," Dr. Brainy threw out in scorn.

"Slade could then," Lukina said suddenly her face popped out beyond the curtain and it's expression showed that she wasn't joking.

Dr. Brainy looked at her for a moment in total shock. Would she really tell Slade and risk injury, no torture for her deception when she was found out to be a cheating bitch? He remembered being raised and told continuously about the three classes of women when it came to relationships. Faithful Bitches, Cheating Bitches and MEGA Cheating Bitches. Lukina was a Cheating Bitch since she cheated with him and one other that he knew about. She was also a Mantra bitch. The highest Bitch Class. She was highly educated (as high as they allowed women to be educated), smart, highly bred, knew ettiquette to a T (excellent), knew how to respect the superior male race and she was known to satisfy her masters. She was among a few of the Mantra Bitches and there were only a thousand in the entire human population in the world. There were other Bitch Classes, but they were all lower than Mantra.

Lukina suddenly giggled and after a moment Dr. Brainy started to laugh when he realized how silly they were acting.

"Like i'd REALLY tell SLADE," Lukina said in a slurred voice as she pretended to sound dumb.

She came out the shower and took a towel and started to wipe off her creamy skinned body. She suddenly felt something on her head and felt Dr. Brainy removing her shower cap from her head. Her knee length hair fell from the special shower cap. She giggled and turned to Dr. Brainy and kissed him quickly on the lips.

She proceeded to the closet built into the wall of her bathroom. She opened the door and took out a silky red dress. She also took out a red Victoria secret bra and underwear set and proceeded to get dressed. She then quickly wiped her feet and stepped into a pair of three inch red sandals.

Fully dressed she turned to see Dr. Brainy staring at her, a small smile on his lips.

"I have to," Lukina said suddenly as she looked at the clock in the bathroom to see twelve noon.

"I'll put away your clothes for you, Lukina," Dr. Brainy said simply and she nodded and headed out the office as she snatched the red hand bag that she had chosen to carry today from my desk.


She hurried across the parking lot, her shoes making small pitter patter noises on the pavement. Then she saw it, the red corvette and the driver in a green cap and shirt with the slightly mushed up brown hair. She walked briskly towards the driver who just saw her just moments before she stepped in.

"12:03pm," Presto said impressed, "you're early," he said with approval as he started up the car.

"I know how to juggle a tight schedule," Lukina responded as she sat down and closed her door, "time management is everything after all," she added frankly as she put on her seatbelt.

"Yes, it is," Presto agreed as he reversed and they started to leave the parking lot.

End for Now!

Reggae: This is my entry and an example of how you can start your story. You're not obligated to do it like mine. You choose how to start and remember that (DUH) this isn't done in real time, so you have even more freedom.

Reggae: Also when i get a partner, they can still take control of the masters that i wrote about here. This beginning was just to give off a basic idea of what my character is like.

Reggae: Big shout out to my friends


I hope you guys especially like my site!

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