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My Profile as a Bitch

My Character

Name: Lukina Yamoy Francis

Physical Description: 5'7, dull yellow blonde hair, red eyes, creamy white skin, petite, small bossom, light pink lips

Personality: soft spoken mostly, very cultured and knows high class ettiquette,educated (academic ans street smats), acts respectfully but not snobbish, she's an expert player (cheater),  has a wild side, has great fashion sense, dresses casual or seductive according to her mood and place. Enjoys writing only poetry, hates any other writing except fact or romance novels. Can be loud when angered, will defend herself, she's sheepish at times. She will use her powers to defend herself when necessary. She enjoys sparring with Slade since she's a karate blackbelt. She knows alot about electronics, psychology (has a degree in it), sicknesses, weather, fighting techniques and literature.

Job (Optional): Part Time (from 6am to 12noon) worker at a sanitarium as a counsellor. Brainy Smurf is the major psychologist that she's doing her internship with.


Age: 21


Type: Human with special abilities

Abilities: Ultimate mind block (no one can read her mind no matter how strong they are), present cognition (can have hallucinations and flashes of things happening right at that moment-she can control it and it's not affected by touch), and can create any type of storm or natural disaster.

Type of Bitch: Cheating Bitch


Masters (Remember, #1-5 are the one's you're supposed to faithful to)

1) Slade (from) Teen Titans

2) Presto (from) Dungeon and Dragons

3) Mark (from) Fairly Odd Parents

4)  Bloo(from) Fosters

5)Shaggy (from) Scooby Doo

6)Monkey Fist (from) Kim Possible

7) Quagmire (From) Family Guy

8) Brainy Smurf (from) Smurfs

9) Dark Ace (from) Storm Hawks

Let the Bitch fest Begin!

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